The Power of Dreams

I’ve been keeping a dream journal for several years now. Some of my dreams are obviously my brain’s way of sorting through the day’s mishmash of impressions, thoughts and visual stimuli, but others sometimes contain a cryptic message sent by my subconscious for me to decipher. Or so I like to believe.

Sometimes our days can be made or broken by the quality of our dreams

Yesterday I had plans to get a lot done. Instead, I ended up watching about three episodes of Breaking Bad and the new Hobbit film with my son. How on earth was my brain supposed to deal with all the emotions and the screen images I had taken in? That was a lot of action, and Breaking Bad is disturbing, whereas The Hobbit film is pure fantasy.

This morning I awoke with a headache and promised myself I would be ultra productive. Well, I wasn’t. So much for plans.

It was so blustery outside, with skies like curtains of the deepest grey and, if that wasn’t depressing enough, I had a lingering dream lurking under the surface and hindering my ability to do anything constructive. Yes, I went food shopping and yes, I did laundry and made dinner, but I didn’t paint and I didn’t write, nor did I sew. These are the real things that make me come alive.

So, although I was not fighting Orks or trying to climb a slippery mountain, my dream, which I was desperately trying to recall, was unrelated to the films I had just watched. Why did it leave me feeling foggy and under the weather? I dreamt I was showing some faceless woman a roomy, weathered and worn rucksack belonging to a friend. I was telling her that my friend had reduced all her belongings and taken off with nothing but the contents of that rucksack.  Well, there’s nothing ominous about that, is there? Perhaps I had dreamt something else. Yesterday I felt uneasy, even before I watched those films; it could have been caused by the weather and this constant rain.

But I have enough tools in my toolbox to snap myself out of it or just let this day pass.

Let it be done and over with, for tomorrow is another day

I will program my dreams tonight to let in the light. Tomorrow I will work wonders!


6 thoughts on “The Power of Dreams

  1. OMG! If I have to see another episode of Breaking Bad I’m going to scream. My husband keeps re-watching. We watched the whole series this summer on Netflix and yes, it was very disturbing. I had dreams about it all the time.
    Love your layout of your blog!

    • Ah, but it’s addictive. I have to find out what happened since so many people have been talking about it. Disturbing and fascinating. Thanks for the compliment about my layout and blog. I’m learning here.

  2. Hi Barbara, I am also heavily affected by my dreams. It must be the intuitive side of us! An interesting post!
    I must apologise, I thought I was following you, but I’ve just found that I wasn’t! I followed eclecticwrite ages ago, but I don’t seem to get the notifications for some reason. Will have to go through all the boring admin stuff. No, don’t thank me… It’s a pleasure!! 😉 (Lol)

    Schönen Tag wünsch ich dir! 🙂

    Der kleine Igel x

    • Hallo Fräulein Igel. Schönen Tag dir auch! I probably need to update my blog to add e-mail notifications so people can see what I write. I’m still learning, and I know I’m reluctant to sign up for more e-mail notifications because I have so many mails coming in. Yes, there is a lot of admin stuff to get through on WP. Sometimes I just give up. I’d send you a couple of little smilies but I can’t find them.

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