Who am I and Why am I Here

Hi, my name is Barbara and I’m writing this as part of an assignment in Blogging 101.

Who am I?

I come from Ireland, have lived in the U.S. and am married to a German, which is why I now live in Germany.

My interests are many and varied, but now that my sons have grown up and left, I am working on having my books edited. These are my new children. I think it is important to have a passion in life. That’s what keeps us going.

In Germany, I trained to become a Naturopath and have had my own practice working as a homeopath, reflexologist and colour puncture (think of acupuncture but instead of needles I use coloured crystal rods). Sometimes our interests change as we grow, and after I closed my practice I moved on to writing, which has always been my passion. The novel I am editing at the moment is called Where She Belongs. My aim is to give it my best shot and work at it until I feel I cannot improve it any more.

I have been married to the same man since 1984. Think Science meets Gypsy New Age Bohlemian rhapsody. I think this particular explanation of rhapsody fits our marriage well. Music. an instrumental composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation (Dictionary.com, just in case I get into trouble for not quoting the source).

I also teach some English classes, do some translation and love to travel, cook, sew and paint. Really, I’m turned on by anything beautiful, a walk in nature, flowers, fashion, food, interiors, human kindness, a bright smile, a kind word, humour, especially humour.

Today my son said ‘I think I got the rational side of me from Dad, but I got a lot from you, too.’

Although afraid to ask, I couldn’t resist. ‘So, what do you think you picked up from me?’

‘The irrational side,’ he said. ‘…and the creative side.’

That about sums it up! I have no idea what the future might bring, but I certainly want it to be enjoyable, full of positive surpises and laughter…oh yes, and travel.

C’est ca!

Now where do I put that blogging icon or whatever it’s called. I copied it but don’t know where to insert it.


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