The Rhyme and Reason



The Rhyme and Reason

If we could see the big picture, we’d be in awe of the intricacies and details, not to mention the amazing designs, we create in the course of our lifetimes. I believe we are all on this earth for a reason. So, even though life is a hard school with plenty of challenges along the way, we are also presented with many opportunities for growth. It’s up to us to see and to grasp them.
I’ve always marvelled at the synchronicity and signs that appear to come out of nowhere. It’s as if we are all interlacing in a universal web where all our thoughts and deeds are sent out on a cosmic neural pathway. Sometimes we see the synaptic response within minutes. At other times, it can take weeks or maybe years for cause and effect to set in. Are our lives all interwoven into the great tapestry of life? Are there really any coincidences?
Throughout the book, I’ll write about some of these personal signs which, to me at least, are without question valuable hints from the great creative source of All that is and All that ever was.
So what Is the rhyme and the reason of life? While some of us sail through childhood, growing up in a safe and loving environment, others may be surrounded by violence, insecurity and tremendous suffering in their early years. Why is this so? It is my belief that we make a lot of the most important decisions at a soul level before we are born. Our higher soul chooses the stage onto which we are born, along with the main actors. Yes, we do come equipped with certain actors in our stage play or certain colours on our palette. The painting can change many times in the course of our lifetime and we can imbue it with beauty or make some sort of crazy abstract out of it. The beauty of life is that we can always change our course of direction. We can stop and go many times; we can change own personal painting at any time. So, although we cannot erase the past, we can always decide to paint over our canvas and apply some new colour. Nobody said it’s easy but, if we focus and remember this, life will flow with more ease. We must set our mind every day to remain focussed and positive. With time and effort we can change the programme and quieten that destructive little voice that likes to keep us down.
I’ve chosen to be a bit reckless and adventurous with my canvas, but yours might look totally different. Maybe you’ve chosen cool hues of blue and violets, or maybe you’ve chosen a lifetime of quiet, service and compassion. Perhaps you’ve even chosen to paint your canvas in energetic and vibrant reds.
I used to take a painting class with a friend. I admired her patience; she’d spend ages working on her painting, using fine brush strokes and gently laying down her hues. I’ve never had the patience for that. She, on the other hand, often said, as she watched me applying energetic and fearless strokes, “I wish I could let go and do what you do.” But there’s no right or wrong. We must express ourselves in our own unique way.
Like a butterfly, I’ve sampled nectar from many different flowers. It has taken me years of soul-searching to halfway accept myself as I am. For years I was in conflict with myself, wondering why I couldn’t seem to settle down like most people. No job held my attention for long; making money was a necessity but certainly wasn’t my main motivation in life. I was looking for something elusive but had no idea what. I know the meaning of Sehnsucht; and have accepted that it is a part of me. Sehnsucht means to have a deep longing for something and I think this German word better expresses what I mean because it’s an indefinable yearning.
Yes, I believe in magic; I believe in a universal Director, and although I don’t attempt to understand all the intricacies of life, I have a deep-rooted faith that there is a purpose to it all.
One morning, several years ago as I was coming out of sleep which is, by the way, the best time to receive intuitive messages, I heard a distinct prompt. It was more a command than a prompt. WRITE IT DOWN! Write what down, I wondered? Because several of the psychics, a couple of astrologers and a palm reader had predicted that I’d write a book, I decided to follow up on the command. In fact, I’d been yearning to write for over three decades but I didn’t know where to start. I already had a stack of journals and have always found writing helpful to gain clarity and focus.
For years I’ve had a Sunday morning ritual and it goes like this. I make a pot of coffee, take it back to bed and prop myself up surrounded by books, pens and journals. I usually write whatever comes to mind, interesting things that happened during the week, pertinent dreams, wishes and thoughts. Sometimes I write a poem or a short story, sometimes I plan a painting or add a few sketches to my journal entry. Lately I’ve also added my own personal Tarot reading to this ritual. I was mostly undisturbed but sometimes one or the other of my sons would join me for a while. We’d talk, laugh or sing silly songs. Now they have both left the nest, but I look forward to doing the same with their children one of these days.
Life can be an exciting journey, especially if we’re brave enough to take risks. In the following chapters, I’ve recorded the myriad journeys I’ve taken thus far in my life. I know I’m not the only one who has spent a lifetime of searching for something greater. I want to show you, to help inspire you to realise that there is a higher purpose to our existence, a certain synchronicity at play. Nothing is ever so bad that we cannot work our way out. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to change a desperate situation to one of joy. It’s all a matter of perception. But life is filled with light and dark, with moments of extreme joy and moments of extreme disillusionment. If we can find a way to balance ourselves on the see-saw of life, we have won the game.




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